Tality Kombucha

Tality Kombucha

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We are super stoked for this interview article. Why? Because Kombucha is very healthy and this company is local, so we get to help you learn about the brand and you get to buy Kombucha from them. Which helps you with your health, and strengthens the local community through shopping locally.

Tality Kombucha was founded by Peter Chen and is based here in North Vancouver. Below are the questions we sent over to him for the interview.

When did you get started with Tality Kombucha and why did you pick North Vancouver?

I started Tality Kombucha during the summer of 2017 in a small commercial catering kitchen in Whistler. I just sold at a few markets over the summer. I moved the business to North Vancouver after the summer because I had to go back to school at UBC. I’ve since moved out of that kitchen into a larger commissary also in North Vancouver, and am planning to move into my own facility soon. I want to stay in North Vancouver because I like the lifestyle here. It’s a bit calmer than the city, there’s so much available in our backyard and you’re that much closer to the sea to sky highway for weekend adventures. 

What inspires you day to day to make amazing local Kombucha?

When I meet people in the community who love the product and are stoked on what we do and support how we operate as a business. It always comes back to adding value to the community. 

What are some of the first questions that customers ask you?

What got you into starting a kombucha business is a pretty common one. 

What flavours and kinds of Kombucha do you offer currently?

We have four readily available bottled flavours, ginger, blackberry lavender, raspberry sage, and elderberry. But, we do lots of really unique flavours only available in kegs. We also have done custom collaborations and seasonal bottle flavours. Some of my favourites include the pina colada we did for 49th cafe’s Hawaiian month and a pumpkin spice we did for fall.

Where can our readers buy your Kombucha?

There’s a few places around here that carry our bottles and kegs. For grocery stores, we are available in Stong’s Market, IGA, Loblaws, Larry’s Market and Nourish Market. Currently, almost every North Shore brewery carries our kombucha too, including Beere Brewing, Bridge Brewing, Wildeye Brewing, Deep Cove Craft, and Streetcar Brewing. I love being a part of breweries and bars because for people like me who typically don’t drink, it’s a great non-alcoholic alternative.

Additionally, we supply some local classics like the Hive Northshore Climbing and Fitness, Raglans, Shipyards Coffee, Wela Organic Health Bar, and The Vegetarian Workshop. Also fun fact, Shipyards Coffee is the only place you can find our kombucha uncarbonated and served on nitro – most likely the only nitro kombucha in Vancouver. 

In your spare time outside of operating the business what do you get up to for activities?

I spend most of my free time climbing at the Hive or outdoors when the weather’s nice. I’ll definitely be doing some backcountry ski trips and sunset runs at Seymour this winter season too. Once I move into my own production facility, I’m going to get a dog, so that’ll take up a lot of my time. 

Lastly, is there anything else you might want our readers to know?

Keep your eye out for our new winter flavours, lemon cayenne, spiced apple cinnamon and mulled!

If you like what you are reading head over to the Tality Kombucha website for more information or connect with them on Instagram and Facebook.

Tality Kombucha North Vancouver British Columbia

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