Self Guided Tours Lonsdale Avenue North Vancouver British Columbia Canada

Self Guided Tours

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Taking a self guided tour of the Lonsdale Avenue corridor area of North Vancouver is a great idea, especially if you are thinking about relocating to the area or working here locally. You can do the tours at your own pace by walking, biking, transiting, or driving and of course you can bring the kids along and anyone else you want too.

Taking a walking tour along the waterfront in Lower Lonsdale near the Lonsdale Quay is a great place to start out your adventure and then heading upwards on Lonsdale Avenue through Central Lonsdale and into Upper Lonsdale where you can then connect to walking trails and hiking.

Of course if you are new to the city you should always plan ahead before doing any sort of touring, wear appropriate clothing for the weather conditions, take plenty of water and go at a pace that is comfortable for your current health and fitness levels. Remember these self guided tours should first and foremost be fun and enriching. While giving you the context you need to make decisions about the North Shore.

Below is a list of the self guided tours you can experience near Lonsdale:

Lower Lonsdale Public Art Walking Tour

Lonsdale Avenue Public Art Walking Tour

Gorden Smith Gallery Tours

Cool Things to Do and See for Kids Tour

Of course you can always just walk around the Lonsdale Avenue area of North Vancouver doing window shopping and popping in and out of local stores to get a feel for the energy and culture of the area.

Get out and enjoy everything that Lonsdale Avenue has to offer.

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