Hospitality Industry Night North Vancouver West Vancouver North Shore British Columbia Canada

Hospitality Industry Night

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Do you work at a local restaurant, bar, pub, hotel, tourism provider or another type of hospitality industry business?

Then you have come to the right article, as we are planning the most fun weekly party for industry professionals here in the beautiful Lonsdale Avenue corridor of North Vancouver. Even if you work in West Vancouver or another area of the North Shore you will want to come to our weekly industry night parties.

We will be updating more information soon in terms of which venue the weekly parties will be hosted at and what you can expect for drink and food specials. We are canvassing tons of locations to find the right mix of space, ambience, and overall value for money spent. Plus you know that we need a bumping sound system and TV screens!

Together we can celebrate the hard working people that make Vancouver’s North Shore one of the most fun and welcoming places on earth while also getting everyone together to meet one another. After all the hospitality industry is definitely driven by word of mouth and what better way to do that than within the industry itself.

Question: do you prefer to have a weekly industry night on Sundays or Mondays? Leave us a comment in the form below to tell us your thoughts.

Hospitality Industry Night North Vancouver British Columbia Canada


  1. Susan

    Awesome! North Vancouver needs a night like this to celebrate the hard work of the industry professionals… strongly suggest to have it at a venue in the Lower Lonsdale Shipyards District in case people want to come over from downtown Vancouver, plus there’s higher population density so likely more people will attend weekly… cheap beer and shots would be great!

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