Hunter and Hare Womens Consignment Thrift Store Lower Lonsdale Avenue North Vancouver 2

Hunter and Hare Consignment Store

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Lower Lonsdale is without a doubt a trendy and happening area of the Lonsdale corridor in North Vancouver, and now even more so with the arrival of Hunter and Hare Women’s Consignment and Thrift Store.

They carry some excellent high quality clothing, apparel, and homeware items. Given that this area of the North Shore is so eccentric and fun, you will definitely be able to find some truly epic gems when you decide to go here for your shopping. As the locals of the area will be flocking to have their stuff sold here at the consignment boutique.

Hunter and Hare started in 2014 at 334 West Pender Street in downtown Vancouver and was built from the ground up through hard work, dedication and the love of helping others by the two founders Joanne Bousaleh and Micki Cole. They have since grown their consignment business to three locations with the opening of the newest shop at 225 Lonsdale Avenue.

When you walk into the store you will find that everything is laid out meticulously for you to find what you are looking for and they are ready to answer your questions and ensure you get what you came for. Somewhat like a mix of a very high end elegant and classy Value Village with a pawn shop.

Nowadays the stigma associated with buying second hand items is gone, especially in Metro Vancouver, as shopping this way allows you to find one of a kind items of clothing and houseware while at the same time being sustainable and much better for the planet. Did you know that making a new pair of jeans requires between 500 and 1800 gallons of water?

When you bring your stuff into Hunter and Hare they will put it on consignment for a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 80 days, depending on various factors. Sellers who use this consignment store take home 40% of the items sale price.

If you would like a local job here in North Vancouver consider sending them your resume as they are looking for a key manager and front of house staff. This would be an awesome place to work with the amazing networking and cultural finds that would be coming through the front door.

For further info you can visit their website, connect with them on social media using Instagram and Facebook or email

Hunter and Hare Consignment Store Layout
Hunter and Hare Women’s Consignment Store

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  1. Frances prittie

    I have Patricia Nash bags (about a ZILLON) , wallets, journals
    Plus sized any where 1x. Up to 5x……… would be good for Valentines, dressier?
    Everyone called me The couturier bag, mostly evening
    Regards, Frances

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