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Hiking & Walking Trails

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When it comes to outdoor activities to enjoy, including hiking and walking, Vancouver’s North Shore has no shortage of amazing places to explore. In this article we will highlight some excellent hikes and walks that are near Lonsdale Avenue in North Vancouver, as many of you are likely itching for a great hiking spot to checkout this time of year. As well we will also include a sprinkle of trail routes to checkout in West Vancouver.

If you drive to Upper Lonsdale or use public transit (bus 230 or 229 or 236 from Lonsdale Quay), you can access many of these hikes. Some of the areas worth exploring you will need to drive to however given the remote locations.

If you are feeling particularly adventurous you can explore the area where the secret Lost City of North Vancouver exists near Seymour River.

Hikes and Walks to Explore on the North Shore

  • Ambleside Park
  • Baden Powell Deep Cove to Lynn Canyon
  • Baden Powell Lynn Canyon to Grouse
  • BCMC Trail
  • Big Cedar and Kennedy Falls Trail
  • Black Mountain
  • Bowen Lookout
  • Bowser Trail
  • Braemar Loop
  • Brothers Creek Loop
  • Capilano Canyon
  • Capilano Pacific Trail
  • Capilano Regional Park
  • Centennial Seawalk
  • Coliseum Mountain
  • Crown Mountain
  • Cypress Falls
  • Cypress Mountain
  • Dam Mountain
  • Dog Mountain
  • Eagles Bluffs
  • Elsay Lake
  • Fisherman’s Trail
  • Goat Mountain
  • Goldie Lake
  • Grouse Grind
  • Hanes Valley Trail
  • Hollyburn Mountain
  • Homestead Trail
  • Kings Mill
  • Lawson Creek
  • Lighthouse Park
  • Little Goat Mountain
  • Lower Hollyburn
  • Lynn Headwaters
  • Lynn Valley Loop
  • Lynn Peak
  • Maplewood Flats
  • Millstream Trail
  • Mount Bishop
  • Mount Fromme
  • Mount Seymour
  • Mount Strachan
  • Mosquito Creek
  • Mystery Lake
  • New Lions
  • North Shore Spirit Trail
  • Norvan Falls
  • Old Brewis Trail
  • Old Buck Logging Road
  • Quarry Rock
  • Rabbit Lane Trail
  • Ranger Pool
  • Rice Lake
  • Skyline Trail
  • Saint Mark’s Summit
  • Sandy Point Pools
  • Seaview Walk
  • Seymour Conservation Reserve
  • Seymour River Trail
  • Switchback Trail
  • Thunderbird Ridge
  • Twin Bridges Trail
  • Two Cannon Loops
  • West Powerline Trail
  • Whyte Lake
  • Whytecliff Park

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What are some of your favourite hikes or walks to enjoy here on Vancouver’s North Shore? Whether that be morning, afternoon, evening or day hikes. Let us know in the comments section below so our readers can enjoy them too.

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