Guidos Barber Shop Mens Boys Haircuts Beard Trim Central Lonsdale Avenue North Vancouver

Guido’s Barber Shop

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When it comes to getting a great men’s haircut, it’s not always as easy as you think it would be. Many local salons and spas offer men’s haircuts, but it takes a trained eye and experience to really understand how to shape and blend the lines of a men’s short hair style. Using straight blades and sometimes hot foam shaves to get the best lines and overall finish.

Recently we had the pleasure to go to Guido’s Barbershop in the Central Lonsdale neighbourhood of North Vancouver. To get a men’s fade haircut and straight blade shave with a head massage. The experience was very nice and a throwback to how barbers used to operate.

For many a barber shop is a source of local news and a place to socialize and meet new people. This is definitely the case when you go into Guido’s, the staff are all very friendly and easy to talk with. Plus the customers that come in and sit down to wait for their haircut all seem to know each other, which is a good sign that they have been coming here for awhile and trust the barbers.

Guido’s Barber Shop has been a staple here in North Vancouver for many decades and now is owned and operated by a kind Iranian family. When getting a haircut here we got to talking with the staff and discussing the heritage of Scotland and how in Iran they also have bagpipes as a cultural musical instrument, which is kind of neat to know.

The haircuts here are always done in a concise and efficient manner, so you know you can get in and out relatively quickly, and there is not usually a very long wait to get into the barbers chair. They do not take booking reservations it is a walk in service only. Men’s cuts are $25 and kids/teens cost $20. You can also get hot foam shaves and trims that differ in pricing.

If you are looking for a great place to get a men’s haircut on Lonsdale Avenue definitely check this place out and let them know we sent you.

For more information you can visit their website or connect with them using social media on Facebook. The barbershop is located in Central Lonsdale at 1725 Lonsdale Avenue and there’s plenty of street parking out front.

Guidos Barber Shop Client Photo
Guido’s Barber Shop Lonsdale Avenue
Guidos Barber Shop Hair Stylist
Guido’s Barber Shop North Vancouver

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