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Free Haircuts in North Vancouver at ‘Haircuts for Dignity’ Monthly Community Event

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Getting a new haircut makes all of us feel amazing, boosts our self-perception, gives us a little pep in our step, and can often be the difference in how we feel generally. With that said, there are people who live on Vancouver’s North Shore who may be single parents, have disabilities, perhaps are homeless, or have other life blockers that perhaps do not allow them to be able to get a haircut.

At Lonsdale Avenue Magazine, we want to support and uplift our community with everything that we do, therefore we are launching a new monthly community project called Haircuts for Dignity, where anyone can come on to the event and get a free haircut.

If you are a single parent with a number of kids this is a great chance for you to get all your kid’s hair cut for free. Maybe you are a retired military veteran with limited income, come and enjoy a haircut on us at our event. Everyone is welcome.

At the moment we are in the planning stages of the monthly events, so if you would like to help in any way, we are looking forward to chatting with:

  • local barbers or hairstylists who want to volunteer for one day per month to help the community
  • local business owners who may want to provide food, drinks, or a service to event attendees
  • owners or managers of event space who would consider hosting this community event
  • if you have access to tents, tables, and chairs we would love to speak with you about that
  • we will have a number of event partners coming on board and are excited to announce them soon
  • if you want to help out in any way, we want to include you, this is a community event by the community
  • if you have suggestions or ideas we of course want to hear from you about them

To paraphrase and keep this super simple: Haircuts For Dignity is a monthly community event where anyone can come and get a free haircut, no questions asked. Come by yourself, in a group, or with friends and enjoy a haircut to uplift the spirit.

More information will be coming soon.

Email us to get involved:

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  1. Kerry

    Hi there, I am reaching out to find out if and when your free monthly hair cuts still happen. I work in East Vancouver with refugee claimants. They are low income families on welfare and I would love to be able to point them. your direction for a free haircut if possible. Please do let me know.
    Kind regards,

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