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Interview with Jordan Cahill

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When it comes to successfully operating your business a huge part of that is managing your income, expenses, accounting, and tax processes. To legally and transparently maximize profit while ensuring you are paying the right local and federal taxes. With that said we had the opportunity to sit down with Jordan Cahill of Cahill Chartered Professional Accountants.

In the interview below you will get to know him a bit better and can then contact Jordan if you need help with your personal or corporate accounting.

How did you get started with Cahill CPA and why did you choose North Vancouver?

Cahill CPA’s foundation is our family. My father Wayne Cahill has been an accountant for over 35 years, and so you can say it’s in our blood!

I went into accounting after completing a business degree at SFU, and I received my CPA designation while working at a firm downtown. My brother Taylor, Wayne and I decided to open an accounting firm together and soon merged with a North Vancouver firm where we partnered with another local accountant Janice Tai. We initially opened an office off Lonsdale on West 17th, but soon grew out of this space, and moved to our current location at West 15th.

Wayne and Taylor were living in North Vancouver, and we all fell in love with this natural paradise! Along with the vibrant and friendly community, and all it has to offer for young families, I moved here 3 years ago with my wife and our young son (and have since added our daughter!). 

What services do you offer with your accounting business?

We are a full service accounting firm, helping people with their personal and corporate taxes. We provide superior tax, accounting, and consulting services for both individuals and businesses. Some of the main areas we work on with clients include:

  • Corporate and Personal Income tax returns
  • Estates and trusts
  • Year end financial statements
  • Notice to readers
  • Review engagements

We have a growing staff of experienced accountants, along with a network of professionals in North Vancouver to handle all areas of our clients financial needs. 

What can local business owners do to improve their accounting generally day to day?

One of our biggest tips, and simplest, is to stay organized. Using online cloud accounting software and learning the best way to set up your day to day bookkeeping is very beneficial. Our staff is trained to help you with that set up and any trouble shooting you may need. Also, make sure to keep receipts, records of transactions, invoices, etc so they’re available if needed (and try not to make this a grocery bag filled with crumpled papers!)

In addition, stay on top of your taxes and finances. It’s easier to solve an issue or problem when it comes up, instead of letting it build up and snowball into a greater (and often more expensive) problem. When you work with Cahill CPA, we are your accountant all year round. We are here whenever you need us, and we are always staying on top of deadlines and payments, finding ways to save you money, and making sure you avoid unnecessary taxes or penalties.  

If our readers want to get services with you what does the process look like?

We try to make everything as convenient for our clients as possible! Call, email, or visit us in person. Most likely, you will speak first with our amazing and friendly office manager Shannon Hampton. She will find out what you are looking for, and who best in our office can assist you. She will get you in touch with one of our experienced staff.

Often our clients appreciate that most of what we do can be done remotely- no need to come in for meeting after meeting- online or over the phone allows us to help you with most of your needs. We offer very secure and convenient online services at tax time too, and our greatest compliment is when new clients say, “Wow. Tax time was easy this year.” 

In your spare time outside of operating the business, what do you get up to for activities?

I am busy with my young family, and we can often be found riding our bikes along the green necklace, visiting the beaches in North and West Van, walking the trails, or visiting parks. I also enjoy playing ice and floor hockey, and snowboarding with friends in the winter. We are fortunate to have our family living close, so we spend a lot of time with extended family and friends. 

Is there anything else that you might want our readers to know about Cahill CPA?

Cahill CPA is proud to be a North Shore business- we live, work and play in North Vancouver. Our foundation is our strong family values, and we pride ourselves on being approachable, friendly, and professional. We want any potential new clients to know that we aren’t your typical accountants- we hope that you’ll soon see that doing your taxes doesn’t have to be difficult, stressful or boring! We take excellent care of our clients- and we are a friendly team here at Cahill CPA.

If you have a local business or simply need personal accounting, Cahill CPA offers services that will help you improve your operations and maximize profit. Visit their website, call them at 604-985-0123 or visit their office location at Suite 103 – 145 West 15th Street North Vancouver.

Cahill CPA North Vancouver

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  1. Larry Wales

    Cahill Accountants were my business and personal accountants for 30 Years.
    I can’t say enough about how professional and thorough this team is.
    They are the best.

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