what is bc wallet

What is BC Wallet?

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In the digital age, carrying physical documents like licenses, permits, and certificates can be cumbersome and inefficient. Enter BC Wallet, a smartphone application designed to simplify and secure the way individuals and businesses manage and present their digital credentials. Developed as a collaborative effort involving the City of Vancouver, Technical Safety BC, Land Title and Survey Authority of BC (LTSA), and the Ministry of Citizens’ Services, BC Wallet represents a significant leap forward in digital identity management. In this blog post, we’ll explore what BC Wallet is, how it works, where it can be used, the benefits it offers, and the future potential of this innovative technology.

How BC Wallet Works

The BC Wallet app allows users to receive, store, and present digital credentials securely. Here’s a simplified overview of how it works:

  1. Download the App: Available on both Android and iOS, the app can be downloaded from respective app stores.
  2. Add Your Digital Credentials: Once installed, users can add credentials offered by participating services.
  3. Use Your Digital Credentials: These credentials can then be used to verify your identity or other attributes when requested by participating services.

Where to Use BC Wallet

Currently, BC Wallet is utilized in various sectors, including:

  • Law and Justice: Verified lawyers can receive a digital Member Credential, allowing them to prove their status and access court materials online.
  • Businesses: Sole proprietors can use a Digital Business Card to apply for licenses and permits, and interact with banks.

Benefits of BC Wallet

BC Wallet offers several benefits designed to enhance both security and convenience:

  • Confidentiality: Your interactions using BC Wallet are private, known only to the party you are engaging with.
  • Instant Verification: The credentials in BC Wallet are tamper-proof and can be instantly verified, ensuring legitimacy and reducing the need for manual checks.
  • Ease of Adoption: The technology is straightforward to implement, encouraging widespread adoption across various sectors.
  • Control Over Personal Information: Users can choose what information to share, ensuring only necessary data is provided.

The Creation and Future of BC Wallet

The development of BC Wallet is rooted in a broader initiative to modernize and streamline government services. The technology underpinning BC Wallet has been in use since 2019 through OrgBook BC, a searchable database of organizations in British Columbia. This foundation has enabled the creation of a robust platform that can securely manage and present digital credentials.

Looking ahead, the potential applications of BC Wallet are expansive. Ongoing collaborations with various organizations aim to identify new use cases, such as digital business licenses, digital certificates of qualification, and digital homeowner credentials. These efforts are poised to further simplify and secure interactions between citizens, businesses, and government entities.

Getting Started with BC Wallet

BC Wallet is available for download on both Android and iOS devices. It supports a wide range of accessibility features, including screen readers, voice control, and text enlargement, ensuring it is usable by as many people as possible. Detailed user guides are available to help new users set up the app, add digital credentials, and understand how to use them effectively.

Closing Thoughts

BC Wallet is more than just a digital storage solution; it is a transformative tool designed to make digital interactions more secure, efficient, and user-friendly. As it continues to evolve and expand its applications, BC Wallet stands at the forefront of digital credential technology, paving the way for a smarter, more connected future in British Columbia. For those looking to simplify their interactions with public and private organizations, BC Wallet is a must-have app.

For more information or to download the app, visit the official BC Wallet page.

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