WallMark Custom Homes Upper Lonsdale North Vancouver British Columbia Canada

Wallmark Custom Homes

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If you are looking for the best custom home builder for your project in North Vancouver, you have come to the right article. Building your own unique home is such a blessing and tons of fun, it definitely does not have to be stressful or tedious, especially when you use a great builder. With that said we are really excited about this article.

We had the privilege to speak with the team at Wallmark Custom Homes to get to know them better for our readers and learn about their processes for building homes here on the North Shore. You can find them in Upper Lonsdale, Edgemont, Lynn Valley, Deep Cove and all around the area. They focus on all of the details involved in executing the perfect custom build.

Check out the interview we did with them below.

How did the business get started and what do you like about building custom homes in North Vancouver?

We started building in 1988, with our current owner, Robert Wall. Robert was working a summer job in construction while attending university and decided to start his own company soon afterwards as he realized he enjoyed it so much more than what he was studying and the career that would have lead him to. To us, it’s all about the people and the experience they have with building. A lot of our clients have never built a home before so we are there for them every step of the process in order to ensure it’s a pleasant experience all around, as there are so many negative rumours about building and the stress of it. 

As we get started with 2020 what are some project you are excited about?

Having just become certified as a Passive House trades person, we are excited to be building more net zero energy homes as it is such a huge step in the right direction to becoming healthier with our environment and city. 

If any of our readers want a custom home build, what does the intake process look like?

To break it down, we like to initially meet with clients to figure out their goals, wants and needs, and of course their budget in building. We use this time to get to know them, their lifestyle, family dynamics, etc as all of those play an important role in the design phase of a home. For example, a family with three kids who all play various sports are going to need good storage and ample space in a mud room! Just little things like that.

From there, we get to know their parcel of land better and work with them as they design a home with an architect or home designer. Once the plans are complete, we then start the process with permits with the city and then once we’ve received the green light, then that’s where the fun of building begins!

We hold regular meetings with them, invite them on-site and explain what is going on at all times, so they are very involved in the process every step along the way. Once the home is complete, we check in with them frequently in order to ensure they are happy and they know how to use all their brand new appliances and maintain the beauty of their Wallmark Custom Home for years to come!

What are the most popular home finishing trends that you are seeing currently?

For many years, a craftsman-style home was the way to go. We’ve built a lot of those! Slowly, the trend began to shift towards a more modern feel but lately we are seeing a larger request for more of a farmhouse feel throughout the home.

In your spare time outside of running the business what do you do for activities?

I think it’s safe to say that a lot of our staff are pretty outdoorsy! You can easily find us in the mountains, either biking or running and then skiing in the wintertime. 

Is there anything else you might want our readers to know about you or your business?

Just like our tagline, we focus on listening and then build from there. At the end of the day, as much as we are building custom homes, we are in the service business and it’s all about listening to our clients, and delivering beyond their expectations to ensure they’re happy for many years to come in their new home.

For more information you can visit their website or connect with them using social media apps Instagram and Facebook.

Reach customer service at info@wallmark.ca or 604.420.5220

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