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If you are looking for the best rated tattoo artists working here on Vancouver’s North Shore you have come to the right article. There are a number of places to get tattoos both in North Vancouver but also in West Vancouver. Tattoo culture has been spreading through society the past few decades to the point where nowadays it’s not unreasonable to say that over 50% of people who walk the streets of Vancouver have at least one tattoo. There is even an annual conference at the Vancouver Convention Centre where the best artists from the region get together to showcase their work which is called the ‘Vancouver Tattoo and Culture Show‘.

In pop culture nowadays music icons and celebrities even go so far as to get a face/neck tattoo or huge back pieces that are one theme together across the entirety of their backs. If you have spent any time in prison or the military you would know that you can tattoo someone in a number of ways using manual instruments or vibrating tattoo guns. There is even the concept of tourism related to getting ink done, where you travel to destinations to meet with the best artists to get custom made work done for yourself. That is the case as well with the Lonsdale Avenue corridor as there are a number of popular and talented professionals working here locally close to the Lower Lonsdale Shipyards District.

There are so many different types to consider getting from a parlour including traditional, realism, watercolour, tribal, new school, neo, japanese, blackwork, illustrative, chicano, anatomical, biomechanical, blast over and the list goes on. Not only the many types of tattoo designs but there are a number of different types of guns such as coil, rotary, and pneumatic. Plus of course the tips can be either mag, round liner or bugpin depending on the shading or line work that is taking place to complete your artwork.

Best Rated Tattoo Shops on Vancouver’s North Shore

Millenium Ink – 1814 Lonsdale Avenue in North Vancouver

Moto Concept – #110 – 400 Brooksbank Avenue in North Vancouver

Authentic Ink – #1 – 636 Clyde Avenue in West Vancouver

Jackpot Tattoo – 106 East 3rd Street in North Vancouver

Of course you could get tattooed at home by having an artist come over to your place and do custom work in the comfort of your living room using any of the artists throughout Metro Vancouver but that is not necessarily hygienic and the cost would be much higher than going to a local parlour. The art-form has a deep and colourful history dating back thousands of years.

Tell us about your favourite tattoo that you have in the comments below.

Tattoo Shop Artist Design North Shore Vancouver
Tattoo Shop Artist Design North Vancouver
Tattoo Shop Artist Design West Vancouver

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