Rainbow Bridge Tie Dye Clothing Co North Vancouver British Columbia Canada

Rainbow Bridge Tie Dye Clothing

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The North Shore is home to many companion animal owners who love their cats and dogs. With all of the trails and hiking locations it lends itself to a great quality of life for fido and of course many buildings are cat friendly. However, there comes a point in an animal owners life when your beloved pet must go to the afterlife aka cross the rainbow bridge, and that’s where Rainbow Bridge Tie Dye Co. comes into the picture, raising money for Vancouver based SPCA Hospitals to help with care related to old age, injury or disease. Combining a love for tie dye clothing of various designs with a desire to ease the burden on animals who might be suffering.

In this article we get to chat with North Vancouver local and business owner Halle Jackson who operates this clothing business, to get to know her and the brand more for our readers and the community. Checkout what we had to discuss below and consider supporting them as their clothing makes for awesome beachwear in the summer. Plus who doesn’t like colourful vibrant clothing and self expression?

How did you get started with Rainbow Bridge Tie Dye Co. and what do you like about operating in North Vancouver?
My sister Sydney are I started this company together. We both grew up in Deep Cove and have always loved being from North Vancouver. The community vibe and ability to stay connected with the outdoors and nature is something we have always loved. We both are huge animal lovers and when our pets passed away we felt a desire to turn that sadness into positivity and be able to honour the pets we have lost through helping those in need and channeling our energy creatively. The term Rainbow Bridge is commonly known as an other-worldly meadow where pets go upon death to eventually be reunited with their owners. We have always loved this belief and wanted to incorporate and create the rainbows of colour in our clothing, hence the tie-dye! With so many pet parents in North Vancouver we hoped this would resonate with so many, and thankfully so far it has.
What are the clothing items that you offer to customers?
Rainbow Bridge Tie Dye Co. offers hand-crafted comfy, yet stylish tie-dyed clothing to adults, kids and one day pets! We have over 10 styles we currently offer such as “Rainbow Dip”, “Purple Rain”, and “Creamsicle” but also are looking at doing custom orders and expanding our product line as we grow. We not only help people look and feel great, but a big part of our mission is to give back to those in need. A portion of all proceeds are donated to the Vancouver SPCA Hospital, an organization near and dear to our hearts.
If our readers want to purchase tie dye clothing from you what is the best way for them to do so?
The best way to purchase is through Instagram @shoprainbowbridge and check out what styles and sizes we have available, then DM us to make an order. We are hoping to expand our offerings and ways to order later this summer.
Before operating Rainbow Bridge Tie Dye Co. what were you doing for work or a career?
Before starting Rainbow Bridge I worked as an Executive Assistant in a few different industries and Sydney was in marketing and sales. Something I really missed in my previous job was creativity and the ability to lead. With my office experience and colourful ideas I have taken the lead as the hands-on creator of our styles, brand and image.
Outside of operating your clothing business what do you get up to for activities in your personal time?
Both of us love to be outside, near the water and in the sunshine as often as we can. We both got married in the last couple years and have been enjoying life as newlyweds with our fur babies!
Lastly, is there anything else you might want our readers to know about you or Rainbow Bridge?
We just launched on June 15th and have been pleasantly surprised with the positive feedback and ability to sell out a majority of our styles within the first couple days. We see that there is definitely a desire for tie-dye and we are working hard on getting into the groove as a business and expanding our operations along with our selections to meet the needs of our customers and continue to provide unique, comfortable and fun clothing. Stay tuned as there is a lot more to see from Rainbow Bridge Tie Dye Co. in the coming weeks and months!

For more info you can connect on Instagram to place an order through DM or email rainbowbridgesisters@gmail.com as well as call 778-999-3517

For clothing pickup they are located at 1952 Chesterfield Avenue

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