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Service Prices

In this section of our website we outline the prices for the services that we are currently offering. As our magazine grows in readership, social media followers, email subscribers and core search engine rankings, we will refine our prices in an upward manner based on the results we can execute for business partners like you. You can take advantage of these services for your local business, organization or similar.

Currently we get 850,000 monthly website visits and have great google rankings for key local areas that drive high quality traffic. We are happy to provide you examples of our search engine rankings, please ask for this and we will give you examples similar to your business. We also have a team of writers and creatives who work with us to produce timely content about the community. We are a results based media house.


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Instagram Post or Story – $200

We post about your business on our Instagram profile using photos you provide to us, highlighting certain announcements you would like to make. We can also come and take unique custom photos if you wish, the price of which would be discussed in advance. Most business owners use photos they provide to us and we post that along with custom text. Not only will we promote your business, you will gain new followers.

Ask us for examples related to your industry if you want to see them.

Magazine Article BASIC – $500

For this style of article you fill out our interview form and we turn the answers into a magazine feature on our website. Ranks well in Google and is very straight forward to get you started.

Ask us for examples related to your industry if you want to see them.

Magazine Article PREMIER – $750

This is a step above the basic magazine article and we create custom questions for you to answer for the article, which lends itself to a unique reading experience, building trust and increased benefits in Google search. This has great value.

Ask us for examples related to your industry if you want to see them.

Magazine Article CUSTOM – $1000

This is our top tier magazine article feature, we do SEO research into your business and industry and target keywords for your company locally, nationally and internationally, this gets you exceptional results that pay for themselves. Superb value.

Ask us for examples related to your industry if you want to see them.

Email Newsletter Inclusion – $250

We have a database of email subscribers who do business, live or play here on the North Shore and want to learn about your company, we find this has the best value as it’s a very sincere way to let people know about your business and gets great traction.

Here is an example email campaign.

Banner Advertising – $650 a month

Take advantage of all of the content we have published over the years and have a banner on our website, which is great for market penetration for your brand and business and converts very well with our targeted content. We have hundreds of magazine features and your business banner would be seen at the top of all of this content. We also design the banners for you for this price.

Minimum 3 months. Discounts for 6 months plus.

Marketing Consulting – $150 an hour

At Lonsdale Avenue Magazine we have 20 years experience doing SEO, Internet Marketing and eCommerce online, leverage our intellectual property to grow your business and find the solutions you need to scale. We can help you navigate your website design and development needs, general marketing online and offline, and all technology related areas. If you have a marketing constraint, let us fix it for you.

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