Odyssey Video Rentals Lonsdale Avenue North Vancouver

Odyssey Video Rentals

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When it comes to culture and history we need to take the time to maintain the legacy of our past to really appreciate and understand our future. With that said we want to highlight a truly iconic business in Central Lonsdale that is part of a dying form of media, namely being video rentals in the form of VHS, DVD, and Bluray.

As a kid many of our readers enjoyed watching classics from Disney on VHS such as Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid and similar. Nowadays most kids and teens do not even remember what it is like to watch a movie in these formats as everything is in the cloud and accessible via streaming on demand. And how about old titles like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, The Breakfast Club, and Grease. Complete classics to say the least.

We want to encourage you to go to cultural places like Odyssey Video with your kids so they can get an understanding of our past and that gives them context to appreciate the future. As well it helps the younger generation to relate to the older generation if they understand the semantic differences.

If you have the time consider taking your family into this video rental shop and show them all of the old classics and rent the ones that they might like. It allows you to get around people with your family and have discussions that positivity impact the youth and their wisdom to understand the benefits of history.

And of course when you have media in physical format such as VHS, DVD, or Bluray, if your home internet access is compromised you can still watch these movies. Further to that if you maintain physical copies of your favourite movies you will have them forever even if your computer crashes, you lose internet access or similar.

You could consider adding these types of movies to your emergency preparedness plan as you should be having extra water and non perishable food items in your home in the advent of an emergency. And what keeps moral higher then watching a classic movie when you are feeling down.

If you would like to checkout Odyssey Video they are located at 1140 Lonsdale Avenue in North Vancouver and there is plenty of parking nearby.

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