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What is Lonsdale Avenue Magazine?

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Lonsdale Avenue Magazine is not a blog or a news website, we are a hybrid digital magazine mixed with an online marketing agency, using content marketing to provide a targeted engaging website.

This allows us to provide you exceptional results in doing marketing and advertising together as we combine a few approaches to make a streamlined “all in one” platform for you to reach local customers and the community within North Vancouver and across the North Shore in a way that’s sincere and transparent.

When you publish content on the internet it usually fits into 3 categories:

  1. News or FYI style reporting which highlights things that have happened and generally has value for a fixed window of time.
  2. Guides or How To content that explains how or why to do things and brings you through the process of understanding that.
  3. Evergreen Articles that have legs forever, in that it never “gets old” and is always of value, such as a historical write up or biography.

At Lonsdale Avenue Magazine we blend all 3 of these publishing concepts into “story telling” to create reading that is timeless and informative and helps local businesses, organizations and stakeholders connect deeply within the community while driving market penetration for their brands, growing their social media followings and getting direct communications from new customers through emails and phone calls.


Lonsdale Avenue Magazine offers a variety of services that you can read about and spend some time getting to know us as a marketing agency. When working with people to provide services for them we do not have a fixed cost of doing anything, but rather frame things within your budget and based on your industry. As obviously there is more money to be made from being a luxury construction company and getting 100% market penetration for your brand versus someone who hand makes bracelets (just an example). And we want everyone from every industry in North Vancouver and across the North Shore to feel included in what we are building. Plus in doing things this way there’s tons of content crossover which creates real value from top down.

This allows us to be a digital magazine that everyone can participate in and get benefits from, both in terms of readers and customers who leverage our marketing agency services. We have an in house team of writers, coders, content creators, and designers who work with us part time and full time depending on their role. Some of our staff have kids that go to school here on the North Shore and we always try to spend our money with local businesses as we believe that is the right thing to do. Keeping funds in the community while serving the community at the same time.

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If you have a business, organization, charity or another cause in North Vancouver or across the North Shore that you would like to promote widely consider using our services and get to know our marketing agency. We have a deep sense of community and it shows every day we operate. Thank you for reading with us and taking the time to get to know us better.

Please send all questions and comments to and download our media kit PDF and read our Google Reviews.

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