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When you are at the point in your life where you want to build yourself a custom unique home, the feeling is always awesome. For most people reaching this point is a culmination of hard work and planning for years in order to get into the position to be able to buy yourself ‘the home of your dreams’. You should celebrate your success and be proud of your decisions over time that have allowed you to build your perfect home. Having a spacious home where your family can come and enjoy time together while entertaining guests leaving them feeling safe and filled with love.

In this interview article we had the pleasure to chat with Greg Hasler and Breelana Gallaher who is the marketing and administrative manager of Hasler Homes, to learn more about what they do and what makes them different. Check it out below.

How did you get started with Hasler Homes and what do you like about operating out of North Vancouver?

I had worked for Hollingsworth aka Rusco Enterprise for close to a decade and decided I wanted to try doing it for myself.  It wasn’t as easy as I thought it was going to be. In the beginning I was doing small jobs, decks, fences, and anything I could get my hands on. I grew up on the North Shore so through word of mouth I finally started getting some good jobs and was able to start creating a team of guys. I love working where I grew up, just look at the North Shore landscape – it doesn’t get better than this, from ocean views to detailed mountain scape.

What are some current popular trends for new home builds heading into summer 2020?

For new home builds, Net Zero homes (or Net Zero ready) and Passive Homes are what we find clients are looking for. Net Zero means that the energy produced onsite over the period of a given year is equal to the home’s energy demand. That includes solar panels, water conservation for homes usage, as well as smart home technologies and sourcing sustainable materials from local suppliers, among many other things. Design trends will always be important but we’re finding a growing interest of home owners to be on building a healthy and sustainable home for the future.

What does the process look like if our readers want to get you to build a home for them?

Typically we start off with a meeting to view the property and to find out what your goals, ideas and budget are. After that we would begin finding the right architect and/or interior designer to add to our team for your specific project. Then we go through rough budgeting to get everyone on board with the expectations of the cost of your project. Once we are all on the same page with the budget, we might do a walk thru of some previous Hasler Homes projects so we can share with you our building techniques and ideas, and vice versa, so we can ensure full understanding of your expectations. We also use an online platform called Houzz so that you can share your design ideas with us and the rest of the design team at your convenience and with ease. Once all of that is finalized, we draw up a contract, sign it, and get building! 

Social media is an important part of business now days, how do you stay so approachable and fun on Instagram?

I’ll hand this over to Bree, she takes care of all our social media accounts. 

Bree: social media has become a great way for us to connect with clients and trades. It’s funny because our initial intention was to market ourselves to clients using various social media platforms. We’ve actually ended up using it more to network with companies we already work with and discover new ones. We are constantly being contacted by trades and designers that are looking to work together over instagram (see below). It’s fun to support each other by sharing posts and using comments to support others in our community, like other builders and businesses similar to us! I think it’s important on social media to always be kind, and not see each other as competition. We all have our strengths and passions in our own business’ and we can still be successful marketing ourselves while also supporting each other. My favourite is when comments evolve into banter with another company. 

In your spare time outside of running the business what do you do for activities? 

When I’m not busy with the Hasler Homes business and Team Hasler, I really enjoy spending time with my Hasler family. That might be playing baseball at the field nearby or watching my kids play sports. Last year I actually got to help coach one of my boy’s baseball teams which was fun because I actually used to play professional baseball in Texas. I also enjoy working out to keep my head clear. I belong to CrossFit North Van and my wife and I love to use our Peloton. This year we’ve actually started doing runs around the city and even signed up for our first half marathon! For the real fun, golf and driving fast cars seem to be my go-to.

Is there anything else you might want our readers to know about you or your business?

I really want people to know how much we enjoy building homes. ‘We’ being me and our team. I really value what we have come to call Team Hasler, how hard they work, and how my family works hard to make sure that they feel appreciated and supported. These beautiful homes that we build wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for our team. Also, it’s very important for our team to always be learning. Currently, I am taking classes to receive certification as a Master Builder with Canadian Home Builders Association of BC. We also make sure the rest of our team takes courses as well with our support.  At the end of the day, I want our team to have fun and enjoy working for Hasler Homes knowing that we are building beautiful custom homes together for families. 

For more information and to have all of your questions answered you can visit their website and connect with them on Instagram and Facebook.

Customer Service – greg@haslerhomes.ca or 778-688-7846

The address location of the office is 1345 Wellington Drive

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