Currency Exchange on Lonsdale

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The Lonsdale Avenue corridor is a special place when it comes to international travellers and currency from around the world.

As Lonsdale crosses over Highway 1 which leads to Squamish, Whistler and beyond, there are many people coming through the area.

On top of the Seabus and Skytrain which connect to Vancouver International Airport YVR, from downtown Vancouver, through to Lonsdale Quay as the base of the corridor.

Lower Lonsdale is the 5th most dense city centre anywhere in Canada.

That means cash money currency exchange is a very important service.

Which that said, below are some places on Lonsdale Ave where you can get your currency changed over to Canadian, US Dollars, Euros, or whatever you need.

Keeping in mind of course you can change money at any local bank if you have an account, but this article is geared more for visitors to the corridor looking for different exchange rate options to consider.

United Royal Currency Exchange – 1546 Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver

Custom House Currency Exchange – 1452 Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver

Moneymex Canada – 1433 Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver

Hafez Exchange – 1446 Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver

Advanced FX – 108 17th St W, North Vancouver

The currency exchange locations above have a decent Google Review rating and are centrally located to Lonsdale Avenue.

Lastly, if you are into Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc) buying, selling, or trading you can checkout this ATM below in Lower Lonsdale.

BitNational Bank Machine – 93 Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver

We hope you enjoy shopping on Lonsdale and have a great day!

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