Butter Lane Bake Shop Lonsdale Quay Market North Vancouver

Butter Lane Bake Shop

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Fresh baked bread and pastries are definitely delicious and what better way to buy them then from a local bakery at the Lonsdale Quay Market in Lower Lonsdale North Vancouver. If you pass by the area going back and forth to downtown Vancouver using the Seabus check this place out. Also offering a full list of menu items such as sandwiches and other entrees.

We love supporting local mom and pop shops all around the Lonsdale Avenue corridor and as a result we had the opportunity to interview Katie Louise from Butter Lane Bake Shop to get to know the business better for our readers. Check out what she had to say below.

How did Butterlane Bake Shop get started and what do you like about operating in North Vancouver?

We started planning Butter Lane Bake Shop after we travelled to England to visit our family in 2013. We came across this quant cafe in my great grandmothers town. My mom spent summers as a child in England visiting her grandmother and it was my first time seeing where our family is from. We where so inspired by the little cafe just around the corner from my great grandmothers house that she born and raised her 6 children… that we started planning our own little cafe instantly.

We gathered more inspiration on our trip and by the time we returned home we had a carry on full of kitchen small wares and decor for our dream shop! We continued to gather vintage furniture and decor once we returned home. Created a Pinterest board of our dream shop inspiration and were constantly looking for a space for lease that was on the north shore and spoke to us.

Over the past few years we’ve jumped around locations in the tough commercial world of Vancouver but have finally settled in Lonsdale Quay, we have a spot on the exterior of the market which looks at the Vancouver skyline and city docks. We’ve found our niche and style and finally have our dream version of the little cafe in our families small town in England.

We love operating a small business in North Vancouver specifically. As it’s where I was born and raised and we wouldn’t call anywhere else home. It feels like such an honour to own a successful small business in North Vancouver and have the locals love our shop just as much as us. We are truly grateful each and everyday that we get to live and work in such a beautiful community.

What are some of the most popular baked goods you sell and your inspirations for baking?

Our most popular items are probably our Macaroons, but cupcakes and cake slices are a close second! Our inspiration for baking really comes from our family (they’re all bakers in the UK) but also just our own inspiration. We like to switch up our baking daily. We have over 100 recipes that we rotate baking for our fresh baked pantry display. We like to create new items monthly. Keeping everything super fresh with quality and variety is our true inspiration. We always want our customers to find something new and exciting at Butter Lane Bake Shop.

Where can our readers and the community buy your products locally?

Locals can but our product from our flagship store in Lonsdale Quay Market! Market level, east side of the plaza right beside the pier and ocean.

In your spare time outside of running the business what do you do for activities?

Well to be honest we don’t get much spare time at all. We operate the whole shop ourselves currently so between running the shop during the day and baking to keep everything fresh and stocked you can find us most hours at the shop. But when we do get a break we love going through the Lynn Canyon trail with our two dogs or going for a nice dinner with our spouses. Just a lot of chill family time when we’re not baking!

Is there anything else you might want our readers to know about you or your business?

We have a full selection of savoury meal items beyond baked goods in our menu for brunch and lunch as well as serve a selection of English High Tea. We also own and operate our own loose leaf tea company which will be fully launched and in local stores near you very soon. For now it’s available online and in store at Butter Lane Bake Shop.

For more info visit their website or Yelp and connect with them using social media apps Instagram and Facebook. The bakery is located in the Lonsdale Quay Market: #151 – 123 Carrie Cates Court in the Shipyards District.

Photos of Butter Lane Bake Shop

Katie Louise Butter Lane Bake Shop North Vancouver
Katie Louise of Butter Lane Bake Shop
Amy Symonds Butter Lane Bake Shop North Vancouver
Amy Symonds of Butter Lane Bake Shop
Wedding Cake from Butter Lane Bake Shop North Vancouver
Wedding Cake from Butter Lane Bake Shop
Butter Lane Bake Shop Cake Slices North Vancouver
Sliced Cake at Butter Lane Bake Shop
Fresh Baked Bread Buns Biscuits Butter Lane Bake Shop North Vancouver
Fresh Baked Scones at Butter Lane Bake Shop
Butter Lane Bake Shop Pie Crust North Vancouver
Angel Food Cake at Butter Lane Bake Shop

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