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The Lonsdale Avenue corridor of North Vancouver is a very special place, cutting North to South from Upper Lonsdale, through Central Lonsdale and down to the Shipyards District Lower Lonsdale.

In the middle section of Lonsdale Avenue from West to East cuts Highway 1 connecting the corridor with tourism traffic for Squamish, Whistler and of course people coming and going from downtown Vancouver on the Lions Gate Bridge and using the Lonsdale Quay Seabus. While East the Iron Workers Memorial allows the Fraser Valley community to visit the area.

We have an integrated content marketing approach that allows you to target both visitors and residents of the Lonsdale Avenue corridor to promote your local business, products or services. Using many different languages through text, photo, and video publishing online.

The best sectors who can monetize what we are building between our 2 websites LonsdaleAve.ca and LonsdaleQuay.ca would of course be people looking to fill jobs and hiring locally, real estate for sale or lease, restaurant eateries and bar pubs, and many other things that people would spend money on when visiting the corridor on vacation or looking to relocate here permanently.

Lonsdale Avenue sees over 10 million domestic and international visitors annually who shop locally, and Lonsdale Quay is the most well known geographic point on the North Shore, which also sees over 6 million people per year and up to 30,000 people a day coming through the area on the Seabus and looking for your business near Lonsdale.

If you want to chat about internet marketing excellence contact us and we can create an entirely custom comprehensive digital marketing program that delivers results through customers spending money and deeper market penetration for your brand throughout the North Shore and around the world.