trash bandits junk removal company serving north vancouver british columbia canada

‘Trash Bandits’ Junk Removal Company Serving North Vancouver With Rubbish, Clutter, and Debris Mitigation for Residential and Commercial Spaces

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Trash Bandits is technically a junk removal company based in East Vancouver as their main area of service, but they also offer services across Metro Vancouver including North Vancouver City and District as well as West Vancouver. Having been in business for a number of years, they work fast and offer affordable same-day services. Simply use their website intake form for an instant response and quotation provided before you agree to have the junk removed. They are very mindful of repurposing and rehoming as much of the junk they remove as possible, and are known for their sustainable community-focused approach. In this article, we had the pleasure to chat with Robbie Hogan who is the owner and operator of the company. To get to know him and the business a bit better for the North Shore Vancouver community. Connect with Robbie at the bottom of the magazine feature.

What is Trash Bandits, how did it get started and what do you like about offering services in North Vancouver?

Trash Bandits started out as a partnership, I was trying to help a friend have his own business, and now I am running it. We really like the treasure hunt that comes along with junk removal and North Vancouver and West Vancouver are definitely known for eclectic items. 

What are all of the services that you offer and how is your junk removal company different than others?

I guess the short answer is that we’ll haul away just about everything except drywall (it’s a hassle and could be potentially dangerous). What I think makes us different from the others is, the good stuff that’s found is usually upcycled for free to someone in our contacts that is going to refurbish it. We hate to see items and stuff of use go to the landfill when it’s not at the end of their life.

What does the junk removal process look like generally from initial contact to the job finished?

We try and make it simple, send us a photo or two by text message or email and we’ll respond with a price and our availability.

What happens to the junk, rubbish, and clutter that is removed after it leaves the work site?

We try our best to get items that are still useful into the right hands, but to be honest most of everything ends up recycled or in the landfill.

If people in the community want to work with you, how can they reach out to chat with you?

Calling us is probably the easiest and quickest way, however, we do have Facebook and Instagram below as well.

Outside of running Trash Bandits, what do you get up to for fun in your personal time?

Primarily motorcycles and motorcycle culture take a good chunk of my time but I enjoy working out in my home gym, and going to hockey games and concerts .. time with friends is a must when I have free time.

Lastly, is there anything else you would like the community to know about you or Trash Bandits?

We are locally owned and operated, and we want to see our neighborhood clean and clutter-free!

trash bandits junk removal company in north vancouver

Connect with Trash Bandits on Instagram and Facebook

You can also visit their website, call them and email them

Thanks very much to Robbie for taking this interview with us!

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