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Office Rentals and Boardrooms For Rent in Central Lonsdale North Vancouver With ‘Shayla Offices’

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Central Lonsdale North Vancouver is booming at the moment with new businesses opening and condo towers under construction. There are many reasons for this which include a rising population density, but also the appeal and beauty of the community is a factor with plenty of multiculturalism and a bustling hospitality scene.

If you are a local entrepreneur or manager for a business, you may be looking for office rentals or private boardrooms for rent in the neighborhood, consider chatting with our friends at Shayla Offices. They just bought the floor of a building and completely renovated it into tastefully redesigned office suites. In this article, we have the pleasure to chat with Perry Safari who is the son of the founder of the office space and the company behind it.

What is Safari Capital and how did it get started?

Safari Capital Ltd. is a small property development firm founded and managed by local entrepreneur Hossein Safari. Hossein has been actively involved in property development in the Vancouver community since 1995.​ 

Hossein’s interest in property development stems from a young age when he led steel framing construction projects. His vast experience in construction has led him to be a passionate leader in projects guided by a sense of community-building.

Generally speaking, how do you like running a commercial leasing space in one of the best locations on Lonsdale Avenue?

We are blessed to be part of such a thriving community. Central Lonsdale helps bring together many individuals with varying backgrounds and stories, be it local residents or small business owners, and we are grateful to be in the middle of all that connectivity.

What are the office units like and the amenities and quality of the space for business owners?

Our newly-built offices are designed ideally for small businesses that are in need of private, central, and sophisticated space for their operations. These offices are leased out as a ‘package’ with services and amenities that include:
• Bookable conference room equipped with smart TV
• Serviced kitchen space with coffee and tea available for tenants and their clients
• Printing resources at our on-site administration office
• Complimentary WiFi and fiber optic cables installed in each office for high-speed internet
• Business and mailing address
• Furnished or unfurnished options
• 24/7 office access

Included services and features:
· Access to your office space 24/7, 365 days a year
· Unfurnished office from 110 to 400 square feet
· Flexible leasing options
· Complimentary 4 hours of Boardroom/Meeting Room per month
· Directory Board listing on exterior signboard and lobby directory
· Friendly help desk services
· Access to business equipment: faxes, copiers, printers, scanners (pay per print, in development)
· Fully serviced kitchen and lounge room
· Fibre optic access and complimentary WiFi
· Individual heating and cooling of each unit
· Furnished unit options: desks, chairs, Filing cabinets (1 set per unit)
· Mountain views available
· Prime location on 15th and Lonsdale
Additional services available at cost:
· In-Unit professional cleaning services
· Parking (sub-leased at cost upon availability)

How did the complete building renovation go from start to finish and what are some unique areas of the design?

Prior to this renovation, we learned from our market research that many tenants in older North Vancouver office buildings have constant troubles with two common issues: lacking reliable sound privacy as well as temperature control. Many windows are often kept wide open in the summer and portable heaters are carried in during the winter to make up for little to no temperature control during these seasonal changes. In addition to this, separating walls between many office units can seem paper-thin and provide little to no feeling of privacy due to the lack of sound insulation. This affects not only the tenants but also any clients or guests brought into the building. Our own building had many of these issues addressed to us upon acquisition and we wanted to ensure that experience was improved in addition to resolving various plumbing and electrical issues the building already had.

We budgeted for and improved privacy and temperature control by installing double-layered drywall and insulation material in every separating wall, as well as running individual heating and cooling to every office unit in the building. Business owners who intend to situate themselves in Central Lonsdale and provide a service to their valued clients here deserve a sophisticated tenant AND client experience.

Besides the office rentals on Lonsdale Avenue, what other buildings does Safari Capital operate?

In addition to Shayla Offices, Safari Capital is building a 6-storey project down the road on 365 E 2nd Street North Vancouver, named 365 Residence, as well as a mixed-use development in Kelowna comprised of retail storefronts, townhouses, condos, and apartment rentals.

365 Residence is a multi-family rental project located in Lower Lonsdale and steps away from many iconic destinations including Lonsdale Quay and North Vancouver’s brewery district. With construction completion scheduled for March 2023, 365 Residence will bring 42 new rental units to North Vancouver’s rental market.

Outside of business, what do you get up to for fun or hobbies in your personal time locally?

In his personal time, Hossein keeps active by swimming at one of the North Vancouver recreation centers, paddleboarding near Ambleside Beach, biking through Stanley Park, as well as spending quality time with his family every week at the Lower Lonsdale Shipyards.

What are a few local restaurants or eateries that you like to enjoy with your family and friends?

We find ourselves visiting Jack Lonsdale’s, Tap and Barrel, and Chop and Chew regularly with our family and friends.

Visit Shayla Offices in person at 117 East 15th Street in North Vancouver

Email perry@safaricapital.ca to discuss potential office or boardroom rentals

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